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Deutsche Oper Berlin - worldpremiere L'Invisible - A. Reiman

world premiere

German Opera Berlin
Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin
Donald Runnicles, lead

The fantastically clear, outrageously agile soprano Rachel Harnisch, the classy bass baritone by Stephen Bronk and other soloists of the outstandingly well-staffed piece ensemble are also to be seen as figures of the following two Maeterlinck chapters. Ygraine (once again the grandiose Rachel Harnisch) says that as a sister of the boy she sings: The queen is "the mother of our mother".
Volker Hagedorn, DIE ZEIT

The evening's solo star is Rachel Harnisch, who, with her brilliant, unbroken soprano rhyme, is gradually becoming a more flagrant opponent of death. A big, unanimously acclaimed evening for the Deutsche Oper.
Julia Spinola, SZ Süddeutsche Zeitung

... the soprano Rachel Harnisch, who as Titangiles' sister sings the only exposed part of this opera and embodies the radiant humanity that opposes Aribert Reimann of gloom in his new work. Finally, the composer himself is gratefully acclaimed.
Clemens Haustein, FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Rachel Harnisch sings the rest of the highly outstanding vocal soloist ensemble to the wall with her triple role (Ursula, Marie, Ygraine) !!!
Andre Sokolowski, the Friday

I found a terrific performance and very impressive - especially the main actress Rachel Harnisch, something good I have not heard for a long time! Eberhard Kloke, conductor and composer ... with the wonderfully confident and beautiful singing Rachel Harnisch! Reinhard J. Brembeck, SZ Süddeutsche Zeitung Rachel Harnisch: 'charismatic sonority'!
Eleonore Büning, NZZ

Color, especially vocal color, comes with the Swiss Rachel Harnisch into the action. She sings Marie, one of the old granddaughters in "Intérieur" and then, after another interlude, the great monologue of Ygraine in the "Tintagiles". Ygraine is the sister of the already sick boy (Salvador Macedo in a speaking role). And Reimann, who until then had designed the vocal parts with relatively quiet means, provided them with the most exciting vocal line of the evening.The interval jumps get bigger, there are approaches of coloratura, and that's no wonder: Ygraine is extremely excited, she knows that the queen wants to get the brother. The fact that Reimann can write so well for a voice as no other contemporary composer proves, above all, with this play, which interprets Harnisch with a blazing soprano.
Udo Badelt, Der Tagesspiegel

The exquisiteness of the singer voices is immediately noticeable. But especially the soprano by Rachel Harnisch, which takes on female roles in all three one-acters, captivates with its soft sophistication and yet size and viability.
Mathias Nöther, Berliner Morgenpost

enfin une Rachel Harnisch vraiment exceptionnelle, dans les trois ds Ursula, Marie et Ygraine, soprano fil rouge magnifique Rachel Harnisch, who packed the punch as Ygraine in the trilogy's concluding part. Sam Johnstone, bachtrack Outstanding, however, in terms of stage presence, dramatic intensity, text design and mastery of heights, is guest Rachel Harnisch.
Albrecht Selge, one hundred and eleven

As Marie is Rachel Harnisch experience. In her main roles in all three parts of "L'Invisible", the Swiss impresses with a clear, expressive and high-pitched voice. Annika Schlicht as Marthe also shows a considerable presence with her strong, full-sounding mezzo-soprano. Harnisch is enthusiastically celebrated at the end for her demanding triple role. The other soloists, the orchestra, the director and last but not least the composer received great applause. For Reimann it is already the fifth world premiere at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.
Corina Kolbe, new music magazine nmz

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