Soprano Rachel Harnisch

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Mozart-Arien in RAI Auditorium Torino

Arien für Sopran und Orchester
RAI Auditorium, Turin I
Orchestra Sinfonico RAI, director: Hansjoerg Albrecht

..resa even more memorable by a choice of famous arias taken from the Mozart theater with the participation of the soprano Rachel Harnisch (1973), among the best performers of this repertoire. A minute physicist, a warm and dark voice, ready to rush towards the pentagrams with sovereign technique, the Swiss singer gave the present an engaging interpretation of gems such as "If the father lost" from Idomeneo, king of Crete and "Among the more deadly pensions of death "by Lucio Silla.

The summit of emotion is reached with "I will love you, I will be constant" from the second act of the serenade The king shepherd (1775), rondò that remains among the immortal goals of the newly graduated maturity of the young musician, in which the song alternates and competes with the violin only in painting an idyll of tizianesca soavità that would be endless, which is followed by the scene and air of Donna Anna from Don Giovanni, "Do not tell me, my beautiful idol", song at the top of the theater d 'Opera.

The Harnisch achieves a rare expressive intensity in a concert hall, surpassing by some authentic dominator of the role some of the major difficulties inherent in Mozart's vocal writing. The repeated applause and the calls on stage finally induce her to give out a "Porgi amor" from Le nozze di Figaro of high stylistic rigor and strong poetic persuasion.
apemusicale, Alberto Ponti