Soprano Rachel Harnisch

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Liederabend mit Fazil Say

Goethe Lieder - Fazil Say
Stadthaus Winterthur
musikkollegium winterthur, Roberto González Monjas
Fazil Say, piano

The soprano Rachel Harnisch and the composer and pianist Fazil Say put on Wednesday a highlight in the closing season of the Musikkollegium. There are concert programs that want to seduce the audience into new music by embedding it in time-tested classics. The fact that it is also possible to combine both and to put them under a single arc, the music college on Wednesday once again exemplary demonstrated. Of course, the "Goethe songs" by Fazil Say, the catchy main piece of the evening, which was to be performed here in Swiss premiere, hardly put any obstacles in the way of understanding .....

And so she is made for the great voice of soprano Rachel Harnisch, who interpreted the vocal part, dressed in red, with gripping furor. Teasing, above all, how the voice in the fourth part, "Tefkir Nameh", climbed up and down in the high waves of the strings, then stood defenseless all alone in the finale, becoming quieter and quieter, and finally completely absorbed in the silence. The hall caught his breath. At the end of the concert, Fazil Say's work also corresponded to the equally dramatic concertante for soprano with solo piano and orchestra, KV 505, by Mozart: "Ch'io mi scordi di te?", "Non temer , amato bene ». The work surprised with surprising twists and changes of mood, especially the sparkling "duet" with the pianist Fazil Say in the descending verse, in which the senses vanish in pain.
Helmut Dvoroshak