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Liederabend im Opernhaus Zürich

Liederabend Opernhaus Zürich
Opernhaus Zürich, Dezember 2012
Mit Ruben Drole, Klavier: Jan Philip Schulze

"The two Swiss artists Rachel Harnisch and Ruben Drole, both of whom are very popular in Zurich and internationally acclaimed, presented themselves in a rather unusual double song recital, in which the two artists alternately interpreted a whole series of compositions by various authors .... then there was the "Soldier's Bride" and "The Abandoned Maiden" with Rachel Harnisch, who once more let her wonderfully bellied voice flourish .. Fabulous on the piano Jan Philip Schulze-he was a special praise! ... ..An enthusiastic audience thanked the two artists with standing ovations. "
Der Neue Merker

Rachel Harnisch created a perfectly focused legato, which made the romantic songs a haunting experience. That also Brecht songs from this classical approach unfold their effect, showed the soprano with the abysmally interpreted "Pirate Jenny" from the "Threepenny Opera" or Hanns Eisler's wicked "Song of the Mistress".
NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Rachel Harnisch impressed both vocally and with the concentrated intensity of her expression. You take everything from her, be it a crazy gretchen or a pragmatic matchmaker.
Tages Anzeiger Zürich